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Your child deserves to be freed from frustration by having the guidance of a patient, experienced tutor. Come see how working with Andrew will help you and your child achieve your goal, whether it be a firmer grasp of the fundamentals, a better grade, or even less time spent struggling on schoolwork so that you have more time for what matters to you.

Andrew Jeung -- Business owner and provider of math and science tutoring

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Freshman Biology or Biology Honors is often the first science class that high school students experience, and it is often seen as a big jump from Middle School.  Andrew can help ease that transition by clarifying challenging concepts and providing opportunities for knowledge checking.

Andrew has worked with students on Chemistry from the introductory sophomore class all the way through first-year college level classes.  He is equally comfortable working with students on regular Chemistry, Chem Honors, or AP Chemistry as needed.

Andrew has over twenty years of experience creating software code for a company in the Silicon Valley.  He has industry experience writing and debugging software in C++, C#, Python, and Matlab, and can show your student how to do the same.  He is also able to help students with their computer science classes in Java.

Andrew has extensive experience helping students with mathematics at all levels. Whether your child is struggling with pre-algebra, stressed over multivariable calculus, or facing challenges with anything in between, he will bring the particular perspective on the subject that your student needs to do well.

    • If your student is learning advanced levels of math, you can be assured that Andrew has the knowledge base necessary to work with him or her at that level.
    • If your student is currently at an earlier level of math, you will have the security of knowing that Andrew can see to his or her needs now and will continue to be able to address them over the lifetime of your student’s education.


Andrew has a PhD in Physics and can help bring physics concepts to life for your child at every level.  From the basics in introductory physics classes all the way to the most advanced topics in AP Physics classes, Andrew can show your student the problem-solving techniques to help him or her succeed.

Andrew is familiar with all the topics covered in the AP Statistics curriculum and can help students get the perspective needed to perform well on the AP test.  He can also work with your child on introductory-level statistics as taught in a regular high school statistics class or as part of a regular math class.

What parents and students have to say

[My daughter] got 90% in her quiz retake this week and feels good about the final today.  You're a godsend!"
--Mother of a 9th grade biology student
No matter how advanced your class/skill level is, Andrew has amazing resources, and it has been a pleasure working with him for the last 2 years. I would give him more than 5 stars if I could!"
--12th grade student
Thank you so very much for your particular brand of tutoring. You connected with [my daughter] academically and personally and made learning physics more enjoyable than she had imagined it could be. After struggling 1st semester, she sailed through 2nd semester under your tutelage. She just got a 92 on her final exam and earned an A for the semester. You rock!!!"
--Mother of an 11th grade physics student
Andrew is one the most amazing tutor I have come across and I highly recommend him. He tutored my daughter in Chemistry and she came to love the subject. He is amazing, very professional, polite and flexible."
-- Mother of 9th grade chemistry student
I worked with Andrew for a few months on my AP Physics C: Mechanics class. I barely passed with a D the first semester, but Andrew helped me get it up to an A for the second semester. He always came prepared with more than enough things to work on, and he knew exactly how to raise my grade and prepare for the AP exam. He is also very organized, and he kept track of everything we did and remembered what we worked on better than I. He was fun and effective, and I definitely recommend."
--11th grade physics student
Near the end of my AP Statistics curriculum, I had problems with a lot of concepts ... I had multiple tutors in the past try to help me with my understanding, but none of them clicked with me. Andrew, however, explained these concepts clearly and confidently and carried me through the last crucial tests of the year, including the AP test. I wish I had known him earlier, and I highly recommend struggling students to seek his help."
--12th grade statistics student