About Me

Andrew Jeung

Andrew has a Ph.D. in Physics from Stanford University, and he has over twenty-five years of industry experience in the Silicon Valley.  In 2012, he became hooked on tutoring after serving as a volunteer tutor at his local public high school. After a number of years of volunteering in order to perfect his craft, he founded Andrew Jeung Tutoring in early 2018 so that he could serve the wider community of students in the Mountain View, Los Altos, and Palo Alto CA areas.

Andrew's Philosophy

Ever since I started tutoring in 2012, I have been struck by how much material today’s students are expected to learn at the high school and college levels.  High schools now cover a multitude of topics in math, science, and other fields that used to be taught only in college. While on the one hand students are blessed to have the opportunity to learn these additional topics, they are also challenged by the burden of a much denser curriculum than previous generations faced, with the same amount of school time available to complete it.  Teachers are now forced to keep the pace of the class in lockstep with this demanding curriculum, and don’t have the luxury of making sure each student’s individual educational needs are met.

The unfortunate result is that many students, who might otherwise have done just fine had they been allowed a slightly slower pace or a little more emphasis on certain topics, are left thinking that they are less than the bright, talented people they actually are.  They come to me telling me they are “not a math person”, “not a physics person”, or with some other limiting name for themselves.

As a tutor, I am committed to the idea that almost everyone has the capacity to do well in school. I don’t believe that there is such a thing as a “math person” or a “physics person” or a person of any particular subject.  There are just some people whose personal approach to learning happens to mesh well with the methods that the educational system currently offers.

If you happen not to be one of those people, it doesn’t mean you can’t excel in school. I will work with you to help discover the way that math or science makes sense to YOU, so that you too can be the “math and science person” you’ve always wanted to be.