College Tutoring

Need a boost for your college math or physics class?

Are you a college student in a math or physics class, who is facing one of the following:

  • You are struggling with one particular homework assignment or lab and need just a couple of questions answered to get unstuck
  • You are having a hard time making it to your professor or T.A.'s extremely limited office hours
  • You need to catch up on the material from that one crucial lecture that you missed
  • You would like to boost your understanding on certain topics just before that important midterm or final

-- BUT -- you don't have the time (or funds) to spend on regular sessions with an outside tutor?

College Tutoring Quick Sessions are a great way to get those immediate questions from your college math and physics classes answered.  All tutoring sessions are 100% online over Zoom, so you can take the session from the privacy of your dorm room, at a coffee shop, inside the library, or anywhere that you have Internet access.  Each Quick Session is individually scheduled and charged, so you will only pay for sessions that you need and want. There is no long-term commitment and no contract to sign.  And you can schedule them as little as 2 hours before the session begins!

Quick Sessions are available for the following subjects at this time:

  • College Precalculus
  • First-year lower division Calculus (for engineering, pre-med, or applied/business)
  • Lower division Multivariable / Vector Calculus
  • Lower division Linear Algebra
  • Lower division Differential Equations
  • First-year lower division Physics: Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, and Waves / Modern Physics
  • No upper division classes

If you would like tutoring help with a class not in this list, PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST to make sure that I can help you before booking.

College Tutoring Quick Sessions are charged at $90 per one hour session, payable via PayPal (credit card, debit card, or PayPal account). Feel free to bring a friend or two and split the cost!

Don't risk getting behind in an entire class because of a few sticking points!  Book a Quick Session with me today!

Please note that College Tutoring Quick Sessions do not qualify for the Early Bird discount.